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The Oxford Schools

OxfordThe Manarul Huda Trust, founded in 1982 by Haji Dr. M.K. Kamaluddin. It has made its name in diverse fields of charity; however, their strong point remains education uplifting. They have opened many schools over the country, secondary or higher education. Dr.Kamaluddin has the vision to provide education to India at a price that is affordable for everyone. Through Manarul Huda Trust, that vision is being put to motion and hopefully, will be achieved soon. The Oxford School of Calicut is a recent addition to the list of schools that come under Manarul Huda Trust.

The Oxford School, Calicut started operation from March 2018. Now its offering admission to classes including

  • Playschool
  • Kindergarten
  • Grades 1 – 8

The school will, however, continue to grow, by adding one or two grades to it every year, up until Grade 12.
The Oxford School provides the children an opportunity to study in an institute of international standards. Our academic programs are developed to enhance a student’s unique abilities and help them grow on it. Our expert educationists make sure to design the academics and academic year such that a child can not only learn but also enjoy their time at our school. While learning is very important indeed, it is also necessary for a student to be the child they are and have fun. The Oxford Schools strive to provide excellent extracurricular activities along with a strong curriculum. Not only will your children be learning and striving to achieve their dreams, they will also be having fun while doing so.

Education is very important for any nation to grow and succeed. To make sure that ours continue to grow, we are making sure that education is reaching every corner of India for everyone.