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Every child is born with a gift! At Oxford, we help them explore it.

In this ever-changing era, it is important that our education systems change with it. Instead of cramming our students with data, our education system should be more practical. At Oxford School Calicut, we are trying to achieve exactly that. We help our students dig out their hidden talents and interests and then build on that.

At Oxford School, Calicut, they learn to be analytical, creative, and most importantly, curious. Curiosity is one thing that makes them explore the problems and puzzles and find solutions. When they discover their interests or talents, we help them polish and pursue it. Our academia is designed to invoke their mental and physical capabilities and pushes them to make their own decisions.

It is very important for people to enjoy what they do. It is the only way they can be successful at it. To make sure that our students pursue what is enjoyable to them, we help them realize their dreams by equipping them with the right arsenal to chase it. They are exposed to a vast domain of knowledge and skills to explore. Through this treasure, they can find what attracts them the most and choose to pursue it.

Besides helping them realize their dreams, we also help them develop strong but good personalities to help them navigate the harsh waters of the real world. The Oxford School, Calicut is dedicated to the success and well-being of your child.